Makes My Soul Sing Top Honors & Features | Chosen by Facebook Guest Judge Nikki Smith Photography

This has been such a lovely week as guest judge at Dear Photographer!  Every single one of your images has truly made my soul sing and I can say, with 100% conviction, that I can see why they made YOUR soul sing as well.  These decisions weren’t easy and I can’t tell you how much I wish I could pick all of you!  Each and every one of you is so very talented and I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to share your work with me!




Shelby Leigh Photography

This stunning sunset silhouette is so full of emotion and connection and love, coupled with that gorgeous sunflare that Shelby caught between their bodies just stole my heart.  I love everything about this beautiful image.

Behind the Stones Photography

Behind The Stones Photography

I adore the light and the framing of this sweet, sweet capture.  That little peanut looks absolutely lost in joy and I love it!

Melissa Stilwell Photography

Melissa Stilwell Photography

I don’t know if this is a self-portrait or if this is a capture of someone you know, Melissa, but it is stunning.  Its so powerful and feminine and honestly, I want an image like this of myself!!

Act Naturally Photography

Act Naturally Photography

The sweet carefree vibe to this image caught my attention immediately.  This little family looks like they’re having such a great time together in this image.  I especially love how the little girl and little boy are being so silly with one another.

Salty Air Creations

Salty Air Creations

The freedom in this image takes my breath away (and I might be a bit of a horse-lover, too!).  I love the dust kicked up, the motion, the black & white conversion.  I love it all.


Lindsey Bramlett Photography

Lindsey Bramlett Photography

Oh, my heart! Love the colors of the sky and the motion of the dress!


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