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Dear future self,

Hey, you! Congratulations!! … you’ve made it! … to wherever this ‘it’ is.

Truth telling time? Wherever we are right now, as of today I’m still cloudy and unsure of the destination. Still a little wobbly on those things adults call ‘goals’ and ‘life plans’ and ‘nachos are not a food group’.

Remember back in 2007 when you bought that ‘fancy’ Canon Rebel, jumped in feet first, and were a Very Important Businesswoman pretty much, like, overnight? We were chasing those dreams: running 27 actions on each image, having babies, and learning all the things into the wee hours of the morning. You didn’t really plan that out either! Flying by the seat of your pants was the modus operandi …And here in 2016? I’m still rockin’ that impulsive, instinctual way of doing business. After all the perfectly laid chaos, I have to say, that Very Important Businesswoman is doing SO WELL.

But, future self. It’s time. Time for intention.

Because I cannot squander opportunity. Self, did I inspire others? Did I do it? Did that mama take just 5 more minutes to cuddle her baby after she saw an image I posted? Did that little girl I photographed feel ignited with self-confidence? When I asked that family to tickle and play during their session, did that bolster their marriage after they saw the portraits and the love they had for each other in their eyes?

Future self, did I promote community over competition in my network of photographers? Was I generous with my time and talent? Did I give away more than I ever received?

I ardently pray the answers to those questions are a firm and resounding YES. I’m hopeful this place we are in now, future self, is somewhere with a mind full of the sweetest, most tender memories, a heart full of compassion, and a mouth which interrupts way less than it does today… but still enjoys all the nachos.

And, self? I hope to be in this place because I made it happen and not just because it happened. #IntentionalLife #GiveYourselfAway

About the photographer:

Photo Credit: Sarah Sweetman Photography

About the photographer:

I live just outside Seattle, WA with my hottie bearded husband, our four children ranging in age from 9 months to 8 years, one dog, and four chickens, all smashed together in a house full of love, laughter, balloon dogs (see them on my Instagram!), and of course… NACHOS! My work sanctuary is an airy, loft style studio in a 100 year old historic building that used to manufacture caskets (no, really. I can’t even make this stuff up!). I love creating emotive, tender images showing the parent/child bond, back rubs without strings, and lukewarm coffee.

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