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Hi! My name is Erin Morrison and I am the person behind the curtain of Erin Morrison Photography. I was born and raised in Illinois and moved to the great souther state of Tennessee.  I make my bed in Knoxville, but I love to travel all over East Tennessee.  I consider myself to be a walking contradiction; a Type A personality with a creative streak, a yankee who says fixin’, and a lover of comedy who couldn’t tell a punch-line to save her soul.  I started my photography journey as a Nikonite in 2011.  I switched to using Canon full-time in 2015.  In my bag is a Canon 5d Mark III, Canon 5d Classic, 35mm 1.2 lens, 50mm 1.8 lens, 135mm 2.0 lens, and I just purchased my first tilt shift lens this year.  I am super pumped to be this week’s guest judge over on the Dear Photographer Facebook Page!

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10 Fun Facts about me:

  1. I am a twin (fraternal) and my husband is a twin (identical); we have one beautiful daughter.
  2. I love bacon. And more bacon. Did I mention bacon?
  3. I love hashtags. I feel like they are my inner voice screaming out. #sorryimnotsorry
  4. I still love dancing to the Wobble when I photograph weddings. #dontjudgeme
  5. I always forget to take my lens cap off.
  6. I hate coffee, but Starbucks takes a lot of my money for their chai tea.
  7. I wanted to become a photographer when I fell in love with my wedding photographers.
  8. I continue to work full-time as a victim’s advocate for child abuse victims.
  9. I compare my photography work to a lot of other photographers in this industry, and it is by far my biggest weakness.
  10. I wasn’t sure how motherhood would be for me, but I can say with all my heart that my daughter is the love of my life. #lovehertothemoonandback



Yay for pretty light!

Erin Morrison Photography www.erinmorrisonphotography.com

Excited to see all of your posts this week!

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