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Thank you everyone who participated in my theme for the week- Saturated.  It was so cool to see how everyone interpreted that word, y’all are so creative and inspiring!  Being a guest judge at Dear Photographer was a really fun experience, I had such a hard time picking FAVORITES for each day- there were so many good ones submitted!  I love the community that we have through this group of highly inspirational photographers, everyone is so helpful and kind, thank you again for allowing me to be a guest judge this week!

A few of my favorites this week – but really, I TOTALLY loved all of your photos!  — Meghann, Meghann Chapman Photography


{saturated} Melanie Patric — This image immediately caught my eye because of the SATURATED drops of water – the lights reflecting off them looks so sparkly and pretty!


Saturated | Vera Mendizábal Photography  — As a chicken lady, I totally fell for this image from Vera!  We have a trio of white Leghorn hens, and they have the brightest, most SATURATED red combs!


{saturated 2} | Four Dots Photography — How adorable is this photo?  I loved all the brightly SATURATED colors of the sheets, socks and bum.


{Saturated} Second Breakfast at the Gamgees’ – Sam Lawlace   — This image was a fast favorite because it was so unique with the Legos, and as a fellow LOTR lover, I couldn’t resist.


saturated Mel Karlberg Photography Workshops and Mentoring  — This image was fun and creative with the many SATURATED colors of the bubbles and grass!  I love the twirly skirt!



Saturated – Joy of Life Photography — My favorite this week was definitely this one from Joy of Life Photography.  The SATURATED red wall, the adorable striped leggings on the little girl, the contrast of the floor and the wall — all of those things combined just made this photo an inspiration.  Thanks so much for submitting!


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