10 Facts with Facebook Guest Judge 5/30-6/5 | Jennifer Russell Photography

Hi, friends! I’m Jenn of Jennifer Russell Photography. I’m a lifestyle and documentary photographer, and an advocate of therapeutic photography. My blog Messy Meraki explores the topic and hosts a monthly color-themed collaborative project. I shoot with a Nikon d750 and 35mm Sigma Art. I’m excited to be the guest judge this week over on Dear Photographer’s Facebook page!

10 Fun Facts about Me
  1. I live with two crazy boys who call me mom.
  2. I have a Masters in Social Work.
  3. Tea > Coffee
  4. I make myself brownies after the kids go to sleep on a pretty regular basis. They still have no idea.
  5. I’ve lived on both coasts, Alaska, and Guam.
  6. I love my black lab, Koda.
  7. I wish I knew how to crochet.
  8. I’ve backpacked six countries.
  9. My favorite color is turquoise .
  10. I think I’m the only person who still plays the Sims.


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