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Hi all! My name is Ashley Meinert, photographer of Bits of Memory Photography. I’m a freelance photographer from Pittsburgh, PA. I can’t really chose a certain genre as they all hold a special place in my heart, I usually go by the emotions I feel for that session as to how I capture it. I have been shooting since 2013 and in my bag I have a Nikon 600 with a 85mm 1.8, 50mm 1.8 and my newest baby 70-200mm 2.0. I’d have to say my 85mm is the one that lives on my Nikon. I am so honored to be this weeks guest judge over on Dear Photographer’s Facebook page <3

http://www.bitsofmemoryphotography.com www.facebook.com/bitsofmemoryphotography www.instagram.com/bitsofmemoryphotographyllc

10 Fun Facts about Me:

  1. I can’t resist deep fried chicken wings or pizza
  2. I think I relate to the children more then my adult clients haha
  3. I would rather spend a day with my baby girl then anything else
  4. I have a bad habit of not putting lens caps back on or losing them completely
  5. I love to draw and paint
  6. I’m way too critical with my work
  7. I make a lot of my props in my newborn sessions
  8. I’m sure a lot of you know this…I’m obsessed with cats
  9. I’d rather be outside exploring then anything else
  10. I’m an extreme procrastinator


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I’m a firm believer that you can create your own path. I can’t wait to see your shares!

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