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THANK YOU for all of the BEAUTIFUL submissions this week! It was incredibly difficult for me to choose only six. We put our hearts and soul into our photography and it’s an amazing feeling when we are able to capture pure emotion. It warms my heart to see so many talented photographers capturing these precious and fleeting moments. I had a blast being privy to your “joy” photographs and I hope you had fun this week as well. Until next time, keep being amazing!!

Jenn // Jennifer Russell Photography



Melanie Patric

This image fascinates me because of the contrast between the young girl and the old farmland behind her.  The conversion to black and white creates a dramatic, almost eerie effect with the leafless trees and the old barn in the background, but the genuine laughter of the young girl reminds the viewer of the pure and simple joy of childhood.


Mari Sierra Photography

It’s not clear what this little girl is holding on to but her fingers are forming a heart that bring immediate, innocent warmth and joy to the image. Her left eye peaking out behind the strands of messy hair leave me wondering what she sees outside of the frame.  


Erin Morrison Photography

A wedding day is often considered one of the happiest days of a bride and groom’s life. The contrast between a secluded forest and an old bridge with the joyful couple as the groom whispers something into his bride’s ear gives the viewer the privilege of experiencing this intimate moment.


Moments by Mancuso

The dimple. The sunglasses. The big, toothy grin, closed eyes and the tiny fist below her neck that is barely able to contain the joy in this classic, childhood moment.


Behind the Stones Photography

His little arm resting casually on the side of a chair that looks to be just his size, the messy blonde hair, and a deep blue shirt that simply reads “beach” brings casual delight to this image as this little boy takes in every savory, joyous bite of a favorite food.



Ashley Marston Photography

The Hose: a childhood staple toy on a hot, summer day. The little girl, a stark contrast from the giant white car on the left, is oblivious to the photographer as she delights in the joy of playing with the garden hose. The red slide stands in the background subtly reminding the viewer of her young age as we reminisce about simplicity of childhood.   

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