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CIRCA 2011



Dear Future Self,

I hope that when you look back you see more than just the countless hours spent up past midnight learning your craft. It’s hard to see the light through the fog of tiredness sometimes so I do hope that you can see your progress and be proud of how far you’ve come. When you picked up that camera for the first time you had no idea of the compulsive pull it would have on your life. To discover your fire and be blessed with two crazy little beings all at the same time has made for quite the wild ride these past few years.

I hope you can see that the sacrifices you made were so worth it to have those incredible tender moments with your children and follow your passion all at once. Future self, I hope you can see that it was so worth it. Those moments were fleeting, and you weren’t always on top of your game in either field but you did your best even when some days all you wanted to do was throw the towel in on both motherhood and photography. Future self, I hope you still have the same drive and thirst for knowledge with just a tiny little bit less chaos.




Shelley Reis, of My Captured Life, is a lifestyle and documentary photographer living in a small beachside town in Australia with her partner and two children. She loves to capture authentic, soulful moments for her clients while also documenting her family’s unique story on her blog, My Captured Life.

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