10 Facts with Facebook Guest Judge 6/13-6/19 | Meghan Mace Photography


Hi! My name is Meghan Mace, pleased to meet you! I am the owner/photographer of Meghan Mace Photography where I love capturing brand new babies, the smiles of little ones and the joy between family members since 2013. My trusty 5D Mark iii, 100mm Macro, 50 1.4 and 35 1.4 help me to capture the magic. So grateful to be the guest judge this week on the Dear Photographer Facebook page.

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10 Fun Facts about Me

  1. I love God, my hubby, my almost 2 year old boy and my lovely family so much.
  2. Photography and running are my passions.
  3. I fell in love with photography while living in Colorado. I mean, who wouldn’t.
  4. My happy place is Walt Disney World. An even happier thought? Take photos IN Walt Disney World.
  5. I hate winter. Especially winter in Michigan. Guess where I live?
  6. I am a practicing and registered Occupational Therapist. Thinking creatively in two realms!
  7. I don’t mind humidity and would happily live in Florida (near my happy place).
  8. Peanut Butter really needs to be it’s own food group.
  9. I love vegetables…
  10. …almost as much as I love cookies.



My very active {almost} 2 year old has discovered a new love for the beach. Maybe it’s the fact that he can request the beach without prompting, or the squeal he lets out when he sees the water, but either way, you can tell he is smitten. I love capturing little ones. They never know how to hide their inner emotions, in this case a combo of joy and surprise, and that is my favorite thing to capture!

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