BE INSPIRED Session featuring Eve Tuft Photography


Is this personal work or client work?

I am currently a happy hobbyist, though once the kids are all in school I would love to go into business. Sometimes, when the kids get sick of me and I need someone who will cooperate and hold still for longer than a half of a second, I will reach out to someone to let me photograph them. This was that kind of session. I knew this beautiful woman from church whose younger sister happened to be visiting from out of town, so I asked if we could spend an evening together taking pictures and they loved the idea. We all had a fun time together.

What about this session was most memorable?

I loved how relaxed the sisters were together. Often times we photograph connections between husband and wife or mom and child, but it was amazing for me to photograph the special connection between sisters who were no longer children.

Were there any hurdles?

These ladies were so easy to photograph. After chasing around toddlers at home, getting someone to pose for me in the light I wanted was a dream.

 Your best photographer/session advice?

If I could offer advice to any photographer, it would be to have joy in YOUR journey. Everyone’s journey is different and no one’s is perfect. It’s OK if it takes you years to grasp back-lighting. It’s OK if, out of every 200 shots, you only get one that you love. It’s OK if shooting in manual gives you a headache. Take one day at a time. Push yourself and try new things, but also take a step back to look at the progress you HAVE made. Photography is not a race. Love where you are, where you have been, and make goals to where you want to be. You’ll get there.

What gear was used to achieve these?

I shot all of these with my Canon 6D, and most were with my 85mm f1.8. There were a couple of pictures that I shot with my 35mm 2.0.


About the photographer:

Eve is a hobbyist photographer who loves taking pictures of every day moments in beautiful light. She is a stay-at-home to three kids who keep her on her toes. She, her wonderful husband and their kids live in Michigan.


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