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Dear {current} Kristi ,

WAY TO GO!!! You have gotten further than you ever dreamed of in photography and as a business owner. You knew when you were young you wanted to do photography AND be your own boss. You wanted to rock the world at whatever it may have been you wanted to do at the time. Whether that was being a fashion photographer, an astronaut, a jet fighter pilot or a criminal investigator, you KNEW without a doubt you wanted to LOVE what you did in life. Now its 2016 and you did none of those. Not one! However, you found a few things even greater than your dreams in the past. These current accomplishments triumph over those past dreams and are so amazing and rewarding. You my friend became a wife, a mother and a family/newborn photographer. You have traveled the world photographing people and your family and have reaped the benefits of hard work.

That was not the direction you thought you would ever go. I guess having a family changes your goals and dreams. You now dream of photographing the next adorable family or the next sweet and fresh little baby. You dream of traveling several other countries to photograph the people, the cultures, the streets. You dream of being a fantastic, caring and loving mother and wife. You couldn’t ask for more in life than what you have right now. In a way, all your dreams came true and more.

You worked endless and tiresome hours studying and practicing and setting goals. You received hate mail and got told you weren’t that great. You put those negative comments and thoughts aside and you made it! You have now traveled the world photographing many families as well as your own. You have gone from what you thought was “amazing” to actually being a pretty darn good photographer. You have learned so many lessons over the years. Some were much harder than others, but you learned. You made yourself better. You set goals of where you would like your photography and your business to go. You have achieved those and then some. It’s time for you to set even more goals for your future. Plan for your future. Plan for the next adventure that life and photography will take you. Always know there are things to learn and for you to grow as a photographer.

I want you to show others to be kind and helpful and not to be too critical of others. We all started somewhere, some better than others and some learned slower than others. Let them know that with love and dedication you will become the photographer you want be.

Current self, I hope that you continue this wonderful journey as a photographer for many, many more years. I hope that you continue to document your children and family as they grow. Now is the time to photograph them growing and changing and becoming adults.









About the photographer:
Hi I’m Kristi, wife, mother and world traveler! I am farm raised and sweet as can be. I am a wife of 13 years to my handsome United States Marine! We have 4 crazy kids. The oldest is in a world of his own and smart as can be. My second is a crazy, defying, and a loving teddy bear. Our third is our sassy, tomboy princess. She keeps us on our toes! And the fourth is a spitfire, opinionated little love bug boy.
I love all things photography. I self taught myself and later on have taken some online workshops to keep up with the latest. My dream as a child was to be a fashion photographer. Now my heart lies with newborns,couples and family photography.  We currently live in Okinawa, Japan.

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