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Oh wow – what I woulda, coulda,known. I remember praying and wishing to fast forward to a time where I could finally feel confident and knew what I was doing like the back of my hand. I remember a time where with every shoot I learned something new. I remember a time where I didn’t sleep because I was so hard on myself and if I didn’t immediately hear back from a client after they received their images – I thought for sure that they didn’t love them. Those times are engraved in my memory – because while it was hard and exhausting – I also felt alive in a way I didn’t know what possible. Photography to me is like a stage is to a singer. I feel alive when I shoot. It has been such an incredible journey for me – a journey that I call my “lottery ticket” – not because I am rolling in the dough (those who do photography understand that is definitely not the case) – but because having a passion like photography has opened up so many doors to incredible friendships and amazing opportunities.  The one thing I would suggest to anyone who is just starting out. Be true to you… this isn’t a race to the top. There will always be room for amazing no matter how over-saturated this market is. BE amazing – and the journey can take you as far as you ever dreamed.  These days – I am no longer as moved by photography like I was in the earlier days – Thats not to say – that I don’t see a ton of gorgeous images in my feed and I especially admire work from people who think outside of the box and see life in a raw and authentic way. It is absolutely what I continue to challenge myself to do.  But gone are the days where pretty catchlights and gorgeous bokeh  would take my breath away as I rushed home to download the images and immediately  post onto Facebook. So learn to appreciate those early days – each day you are just getting better and better – so give yourself a pat on the back for learning to be amazing as you are on your way to creating your own personal lottery ticket.


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About the photographer:

Capture a glimpse into the heart and soul of Liz LaBianca. Inspired by the simple joys of life illuminated by light, Liz LaBianca embraces the love and laughter of childhood. Whether it be images bathed in the golden light of sunset or her nitty, gritty black and white documentary work, her imagery evokes true emotion and reminds us all to let go of the rules and remember what it feels like to dance in the rain.

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