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Thank you Dear Photographer for having me as a guest judge over on your Facebook page for the week. I had a blast viewing all the submissions and have been truly inspired by all of the wonderful artists that share the same passion for photography as I do. I would like to also thank all the participants who took the time to play alongside with me this week by submitting their “Nostalgia” images. It was interesting to see everyones take on what nostalgia means to them – again thanks so very much for including me in your journey. πŸ™‚


Eboni Rivera β€” Luxe Art Images, LLC



Photo: Art by Jessica

It was a tough decision selecting the top honor image this week as there were some incredible submissions from so many wonderful artists. After narrowing it down to my absolute favorites, I kept coming back to this image by Jessica because of how vibrant the colors were and the composition. This image screams nostalgia and I felt like I was there in the scene as a passerby watching this scene unfold in front of my very own eyes.


Joy of Life Photography

I really enjoyed the movement captured by Joy in this image along with how the little girl is framed by the trees, the rim light + the contrasty black and white conversion.


WALKUPtoME Photography

What kid hasn’t lined up their stuffed animals or toys? I particularly enjoyed waking up to see this image submitted because it immediately brought a smile to my face. I love that Melissa was able to capture this sweet yet symbolic memory of childhood combined with a beautiful back drop of clouds and sun glare.


Rural Life Photography

I remember running through the sprinklers as a little girl and having hours and hours of so much fun. This image taken by Mike immediately took me back to a place in time where I was happy to be on school break just hanging out in my back yard and being a kid.


Elizabeth Farnsworth Photography

I loved that the focus is on the movement of hair blowing through the breeze as this sweet girl is swinging this image. Even with a close crop, Beth provided just enough detail in this image so that the viewer is aware of the story being told.  Great job.


Jennifer Russell Photography

This sweet nostalgic image nearly brought me to tears after viewing it and reading the caption by Jenn. She wrote, “I used to fit into the arms of my grandmother, and those same arms now cradle my son”. I love how moody this image is and the sentiment around the arms of her grandmother.

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