BE INSPIRED Session featuring Anne Gassaway Photography


Is this personal work or client work?

This is personal work, which is when I tend to take more risks and feel more creatively free!  I planned this shoot around a little Memorial Day Weekend trip that I took with my family, as I knew that sunset on this beach would be beautiful.

What about this session was most memorable?
The most memorable thing about this session was probably the gorgeous weather and scenery.  Up until that weekend, we had been through almost a month of continuous cold and rainy weather, so this was the first taste of Summer we’d had.

Where there any hurdles?
My daughter (who is pictured) hadn’t had a nap on this day, and usually in that case, we would have put her to bed pretty early.  BUT I was on a mission to take advantage of this light, and knew that the next night would be rainy, so we let her stay up for the beach session.  And so… her sleepiness may have been the reason for the second hurdle, which is that she essentially refused to look at me while I was snapping the photos.  I tried every trick, and got maybe 3 photos where she looks up at the camera.  She’s three years old, and every bit a “threenager” (which I fully respect) 😉 .

Your best photographer/session advice?

Since I prefer natural, more candid shots, I always encourage whomever I’m shooting (both clients and my own family members) to engage with each other, and with the environment.  The most magical shots (I think) are captured when people are just being themselves, during those in-between moments.

What gear was used to achieve these?
I used my Canon Rebel T3i and Canon 50 mm lens.  Some of these shots were freelensed.


About the photographer:

My name is Anne and I live in Baltimore with my husband and daughter.  I work full time as a therapist. Like many others, I’ve always loved taking photographs, and was really inspired by the birth of my daughter to try to take better photos.  I have loved getting to know other photographers through social media, and have found it really inspiring and motivating to be able to connect with them.

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