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Dear future self,
Remember those early days of the countless hours of pouring over photographers’ work and trying to figure out how they did it? It seemed like magic. I couldn’t imagine ever getting to the point where I could make the visions of the shots I wanted actually come to life. Remember Quinn tucked into the baby wrap, asleep for hours against my chest as I fumbled my way through online tutorials and editing poorly lit, slightly blurry photos in Lightroom, having no idea what I was doing? The passion that I felt in those early months in my journey was like nothing I have ever experienced before. Never forget that feeling. If you find yourself in a rut, not wanting to pick up your camera, do something that pushes you to that next level. There is always a new level and new goals to be reached. Don’t be so afraid to put yourself out there. Sharing your art with others has opened so many doors already. It is better to share this journey with others, without a doubt. Self doubt is a strong force and has been the biggest challenge for you, but little by little you can overcome this and who knows where this journey will bring you.

You have come so far already.

Just take it day by day, I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

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About the photographer:

Megann Robinson lives in Washington state with her husband, two children and three dogs. She until very recently was a pediatric nurse but is taking time off to be with her children and focus more on photography. She is inspired by everyday moments with her children, beautiful skies and golden light.

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