Well, That was Unexpected Top Honors & Features | Chosen by Facebook Guest Judge Allison Gipson Photography

I just want to thank you all so very much for the opportunity to guest judge this week at the Dear Photographer’s Facebook page. One of my favorite parts about this community is how vast, full and cram-packed it is with talent. Spending time like this – I love having the opportunity to meet new photographer friends, connect with others and see new and amazing photos. This week was so chock full of that – I was blown away by the beautiful work and can’t wait to remain connected with you all.

Now — on to the winners for this weeks theme “Well, that was Unexpected…”




Sweet Rose Elise Photography I have been a fan of Tara’s work for a long time now. I love her angles, pullbacks, processing and pretty much everything about her work. I know instantly when I see one of her photos in my newsfeed. This photo fit the theme to a T. From that little flamingo peaking in the background – to the tomato that little one is holding. This photo is awesome – I just love it.


Hello Olivia Photography What a crew! This is a definite unexpected photo – and I love everything about it. The looks on each of their faces is priceless. And…the cat! I love the lines, colors and essence of pure childhood in this photo.


Erin Roh Photography Water photos are my favorite and this one made me crack up. I love when you are able to capture the exact second something is playing out. Erin caught this water fight at the perfect moment. Add in that dappled light…a great photo.


Kelsey Anderson Photography I loved, loved, loved the contrast of the pink pool against the green, green grass. This is such an adorable capture. Again, water photos. My favorite.


Performer Photography This was such a cool shot – again capturing something to the exact second. (I hope it didn’t hit your camera! I have been there!)


Rubylee Photography There is something magical about this photo. The way the light is reflecting off the water. Man, this time of year I can’t get enough of these type of photos. This is such an amazing capture and made me think of all the times we play in our own driveway just like this.

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