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Is this personal work or client work?
These images are from a recent client session.

What about this session was most memorable?
This couple is celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary! I recently blogged on my own site about how I love to photograph those who might not necessarily fit the “typical photography client” profile (young couples and/or children). This couple fits neither of those categories, and I love that! My husband and I — who also don’t have children — have often felt that we don’t have milestones in our life to celebrate through photography. But I think it’s so special when someone asks you to capture them just as they are. Life is imperfect, and photography is perfectly able to document all the beauty in that imperfection. I connect with that kind of client.

Where there any hurdles?
If there were any hurdles, they were probably for my client! They were on missionary furlough from South Africa and our opportunities to schedule a session were minimal. On top of it, they had been traveling around Chicago and the US for weeks, and our session was scheduled between two of their meetings. But it was a gorgeous early summer eve, with beautiful light!

Your best photographer advice?
Before I started my photography business, several seasoned photographers told me to stick to what I love to do, and don’t worry about photographing things that don’t interest me. I’ve said from the beginning of my business that I love to photograph couples, individuals and sibling groups (adults and children), and I’ve tried my best to focus on showing that in my portfolio.

In my first year, I shot just about everything that paid me, but tried to only show the work that only deeply resonated with me personally. And amazingly, in my second year, couples, individuals and siblings are all I’ve been shooting! I can’t explain it, but if you really focus on creating a portfolio of work that you want to do – and only show that work – you’ll find that those are the very clients that will come to you.

What gear was used to achieve these?
For this session, I shot with a Canon 6D body, and Sigma 35mm ART and Canon 135mm L series lenses.


About the photographer:

Lisa is a natural light and studio photographer who lives in the far northern suburbs of Chicago. She’s drawn to beauty in imperfection and delicious light, and loves to photograph couples, individuals, and small, creative weddings. Her husband, Erich, is her most faithful assistant, and she typically pays him after sessions with a visit to Dairy Queen. Their Beagle-Basset, Wesley, loves to pose in her studio. She posts those images, along with client work, on Instagram almost daily.

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