10 Facts with Facebook Guest Judge 8/1-8/7| Allie Wilson Photography

alliewilsonguestjudgeHi, I’m Allie, of Allie Wilson Photography. I am a documentary photographer located in Southern New Jersey. I first picked up a camera in high school but did not begin taking my work seriously until late 2014/early 2015. In my bag is a Canon 6D and Sigma Art 35 1.4. I am so excited to be this weeks guest judge over on Dear Photographer Facebook page!


10 Fun Facts about Me:

  1. I love mermaids, narwhals, unicorns, and… sloths.

  2. I have a form of synesthesia that allows me to see letters, words, and numbers as certain colors. Naming my children was hard because I needed them to match with each other and the rest of our family.

  3. I have a strong dislike of chalk, ants, and slow-walkers.

  4. I earned a perfect score on the math portion of my SATs.

  5. In another life I would want to be Regina Spektor. She is a dream.

  6. I know crazy amounts of “The Office” trivia and quotes. Try me!

  7. My yoga practice is my second favorite thing to photography.

  8. Coffee keeps me sane.

  9. I love love love to freelens.

  10. Next piece of gear I’d like to purchase is a 24mm lens.



I want to see your photos taken outside your home (and off your property)! Get out and go exploring.

The street photography theme begins Monday, August 1st.


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