At Bedtime Top Honors & Features | Chosen by Facebook Guest Judge Cynthia Dawson Photography


What an awesome week viewing your beautiful {at bedtime} image submissions.  I love this time of day when the light fades away and it all seems quiet (or preparing to be quiet) in most households. It was a tough decision but these are my top picks.


Courtney Holmes Photography
The soft tones and subtle grain combined with the quietness of this scene all combine to make this such a a peaceful image to view.


Jessica Hachey Photography
The emotion on dad’s face as he takes in his newly cleaned toddler just melt my heart.


Cheyenne Rose Photography
The stillness of the mother and child are mirrored perfectly in the stillness of the stuffed animals and even the cat.  The composition really highlights the quietness that all the characters are playing in this image.

Precious Moments by Mina Mimbu
The added dimension of bokeh sprinkled throughout this image lead us to the subject preciously clasping onto the bottle. Love the photographer’s choice to focus on their hands during the bedtime ritual.

Moments by Mancuso
Framing and focusing the subject within the mirror as they seem to be having an important conversation with themselves highlights her personality so well in this image.
Cindy Robbins Photography
The darkened hallway brings us right to the light of the bathroom as this little one is enjoying their bath.  The feet sticking up from tub being all we see of the subject tells a humorous story that you can’t help but smile while viewing.

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