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What an awesome week having the chance to guest-judge your {street} theme images! I have to admit, I chose this theme because I am fascinated by street photography and it is something I would like to get better at. So I wanted to be filled with inspiration at the end of this week! And you guys delivered!


Momma Got Soul Photography

I absolutely love the composition in this image! I love the leading shadow lines and the “photo” graffiti above the subject’s head. Perfect!



Erin Berry, Photographer

This image really stuck out to me. I love the way the man in the foreground is walking against the one-way sign right behind him, and that you can see the rest of the action happening down the block.



Cindy Robbins Photography

Such a fun mural! And I really love the perspective of the child standing on the parking blocks. She looks so tiny next to that big whale.



Michèle Tremblay Photo

The dreamy feel of this image is what drew me in. The focal point being towards the background of the photo also adds interest and draws the eye down the block. Love!



Alicia Juniku Photography

Another gorgeous image with great composition, beautiful tones, and interesting leading lines.



Jennifer Snavely Photography

I knew this would be the top image the minute I saw it! I love everything about this photo. The expression on the woman’s face while she is sprayed by water, the chaos of children all around her, the hidden source of the water, the people in the background looking on… I feel totally drawn in and wanting to know more.


Thanks again, Dear Photographer, for having me on this week!

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