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Dear current self,

Look how far you’ve come. This journey was an unsure road at first, full of doubts and fears. But through it all, you overcame what had you held back for so long. Those doubts and fears are now a long-lost friend.




You’ve finally stepped into a place where your vision and art collide, resulting in a beautiful mess of fulfillment and peace with your true creative self. You’ve finally let go of trying to be something expected. With the need for perfection at the back of the line, you now create from your heart. What you shoot is what you love. That’s how it should be.




Never doubt your creative process, or the time it takes for you to grow. Allow yourself to just be. Let your mistakes and failures motivate you to do more and be more. You will need them in order to get to the next step in your journey. Only walk through doors that are meant for you. You will need to give a few “no’s” along the way, and that’s okay. You know what is best for you. Always trust your gut.



That voice of doubt you know so well will come knocking at your heart’s door, but you mustn’t answer. Keep moving forward in the direction your art is trying to take you. Be open to new ideas. Discover new ways to create. Listen to your inner artist. And never lose sight of who you are.

“Remember that you are more than skin and bones. You are one thousand stories of before. One thousand stories of potential. One thousand stories you’ve yet to see and know and feel and breathe. There’s more to come. And it’s something beautiful.”  – Victoria Erickson

There is so much more to come!










About the Photographer:

Angie is a Lifestyle Photographer and Still Life Artist from Pensacola, Florida. She is a storyteller of the mundane with a passion for lifestyle and still life photography.

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