BE INSPIRED Session featuring Di Main Photography

Is this personal work or client work?

Client work – The Shaw family hired me to photograph a documentary session during the legal adoption of their daughter.

What about this session was most memorable?

The whole session was filled with so much raw emotion that made it very memorable. There was lots of smiles, hugs, nerves, and happy tears in a short amount of time. The Shaw’s had shared with me their story of struggling with infertility before they had started the adoption journey and were blessed with their daughter. Knowing the background of their story and being included in these special moments, I caught myself getting teary eyed and emotional along with the family.

Were there any hurdles?

There was several hurdles; the uncertainty of what to expect and where I was allowed to photograph in this particular building,  the constant variation in lighting as we moved from room to room in the courthouse, and the fast pace through it all. Once we went in to the courthouse the entire process was only about 20 minutes, so there wasn’t any time to scope things out.

Give us your best photographer/session advice.

For this type of fast paced documentary session, I would suggest a wide angle lens because the court rooms and hallways can be tight spaces. I would also suggest having your flash ready to go on your camera, even if you don’t use it. It is best to be prepared and on your toes.

What gear was used to achieve these?

Canon 5D Mark III, Sigma Art 35 mm lens, and flash was used for some shots

About the photographer:

Diane is an on- location lifestyle and documentary photographer who lives in Southern California. She’s drawn to human connection, emotion, and telling an authentic story through her images. She mostly photographs families, children and couples, but recently has found a love for the art of intimate lifestyle that shows the natural beauty of women. Her husband works as a Food & Beverage Director for a golf course community and together they have a blended family of five children. Between their busy schedules, they make time to enjoy family dates that usually include a day of bowling and frozen yogurt.

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