Shooting Outside the Box featuring Momma Got Soul Photography

As a photographer I can find myself shooting the same locations over and over. The same favorite spot year after year, so when I have clients that want something a little out of the ordinary, I fall in love. I am a family photographer, but that doesn’t mean all family sessions need to take place in the green grass or on a couch in a field. While those places are fine, shooting somewhere different brings a lot of fun and memories to a family session.

I recently had a family session at IKEA, yes you read that right, IKEA. It was a blast. The colors, the kids jumping on the bed the busyness of the background, but still being able to bring out my subjects, the framing, the lights, I can’t stop raving about it.

So how does a session like this work? Well, it takes the right client. I recognize that not everyone wants a session like this and that is where consultations come in handy. Sitting down with my clients and talking about some of their favorite places, where do the have fun at, what is attractive to them, where do the spend a lot of time at? Are they beach goers? What about the local ice cream shop or pizza parlor? What is a favorite place that they like to go after school on Friday afternoons, or Sunday brunch? Maybe the local farmer’s market or outdoor Bistro? What makes life special to them? Then go shoot there.

Some places I recommend talking with the staff or management first, especially small businesses. I have never had one tell me no, and I like to tag them in my social media posts, which many will share, so hey free advertising! For big places like IKEA, the grocery store or Target, I don’t ask. I have shot my own children and others in these places often and I have never had any issues or been asked to stop. I also tend to go with the ask for forgiveness instead of permission with most aspects in my life. 😉

So don’t be afraid to shoot outside the box, to do things a little unconventional, to take a risk. Move out of your rut of shooting the same scene in the same place and add some variety to your portfolio. Above all have some fun! Feel free to check out my blog to see more images from this awesome session.