Summer Wrap Up featuring Tara Geldart Photography


It’s getting close to the end of August…summer vacation will be wrapping up soon so I thought it would be fitting to reflect back on our summer adventures!

This was the first summer in a long, long time that we had this much freedom… we took full advantage of it!  Most of the summer was spent in the river, on the beach, chillin’ out at friends cottages and cooking supper over the camp fire (I’m seriously becoming a pro cast iron cooker!)  Alternatively, the house work was being neglected, the garden has been semi overrun with weeds, the grass grew too long and my business’s social media presence has been pretty quiet!  I felt a little guilty about this for a while but I’m over it now 🙂

Now that summer is nearly over, the kids are busy getting ready for back to school and complaining about going to bed a decent times again, the garden is being harvested and preserved, family photo sessions are filling up my calendar and the house is still a mess, I’ve had some time to reflect back on our summer of just bummin’ around on our extended “stay-cation”  and I’ve realized the time spent and the memories made are much more valuable than I ever realized.  Now if only I could convince the teenager that we are cool enough to hang out with, then all would be perfect in my little world!

I don’t regret the full summer of slacking off and having fun for one second…in fact, I think we should do it more often.  It’s good for the soul!

Moncton Photographer Tara Geldart-1-3Moncton Photographer Tara Geldart-1-4Moncton Photographer Tara Geldart-1-7Moncton Photographer Tara Geldart-1-9Moncton Photographer Tara Geldart-2Moncton Photographer Tara Geldart-2-3Moncton Photographer Tara Geldart-4Moncton Photographer Tara Geldart-4-3Moncton Photographer Tara Geldart-6Moncton Photographer Tara Geldart-6-4Moncton Photographer Tara Geldart-7Moncton Photographer Tara Geldart-7-2Moncton Photographer Tara Geldart-7-3Moncton Photographer Tara Geldart-13-2Moncton Photographer Tara Geldart-14Moncton Photographer Tara Geldart-1


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