DP Visual Collective 2016 Highlights featuring Wild Prairie Photography


I am proud to say that some of my “internet photography friends” are now my real life, we got to hug and giggle and be super awesome friends. Adri and Jesica, the founders of Dear Photographer made this possible by hosting the Dear Photographer Visual Collective 2016 in Chicago!

When 30+ photographers get together…fun things happen! It was a weekend that grounded me and made me soar at the same time. Flying into Chicago from Denver was pretty cool AND I got to Uber (my first one!) with another sweet lady, Ms. AnneMarie, that came for the collective from Canada!

The collective was two days of camaraderie, learning and good food. Oh my gosh. The food. Seriously. The local ladies that attended did not steer us wrong. Famous donuts, tacos, hot dogs, Chinese and even Hooters. Haha. The leaders that showed us their style of shooting were amazing. Each gave us insight into how they get the beautiful images that call to their own hearts. It is so lovely to see that in others. Everyone that was there, you could see the love for photography in their souls. We got to do it together and it was amazing!

We did a female model shoot hosted by Jasmin of Sugar and Lace Studio, a lifestyle family shoot hosted by Meg of Meg Loeks Photography, an environmental portraiture session hosted by Karen of Karen Osdieck Photography and a documentary session hosted by Lisa of Solas Images. They were all amazing! I shoot documentary/lifestyle so shooting the model was my favorite because it really challenged me. I LOVE the way the turned out!

We also had a chance to explore the city a little bit! Cyndi, myself and a few other ladies ventured downtown on foot toward the water and got a little lost! We had killer donuts at this famous donut shop (they had a bacon one, nuff said). We went to Portillos and had their world famous Chicago Dogs! It was super yummy and fun. A group of us explored the area down by the “bean” and even took the L-Train (which I had never done before). I had never been to Chicago so this was a great adventure for me as well as a great photography event.

We used our time together to take lovely head shots of each other. When you get to hang out with other pro photogs, you get epic head shots. It was beyond anything I could have imagined. These girls were sweet, smart, funny and so kind to me. Everyone was. It was a love fest.

I can’t wait for next year!

Check out these images that I took during the collective. Photo sessions, head shots and a few behind the scene photos too!

My favorites from the leader taught sessions!


Head shots!


Behind the scene fun!

Jamie-WildprairiephotographyWildprairiephotography-5Wildprairiephotography copyWildprairiephotographyCyndi-Wildprairiephotography-4Wildprairiephotography-8Wildprairiephotography-3

My name Sandy Fales and I am owner of Wild Prairie Photography based in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I am a natural light documentary/lifestyle photographer that loves black & white conversions and organic emotion in my photographs. I have two children that take up 130% of my heart and I love my life. You can check out more of my work at Wild Prairie Photography and follow along with me on Facebook and Instagram. I would love to have you!


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