10 Facts with Facebook Guest Judge 8/29 – 9/04 | Giggles & Wishes Photography

Hello there! I am Rikki Shepherd from Giggles & Wishes Photography. I am a maternity and newborn/baby photographer based in Charlotte, Michigan. I have been a professional photographer for 6 years. Photography has been a huge part of who I am for pretty much my entire life. In my camera bag you will find: a Sony a99 full frame camera, a Sigma Art 35mm 1.4 lens and a Sony 50mm 1.4 lens.  I am so thrilled to be the guest judge this week on the Dear Photographer Facebook page and I can’t wait to see all of the amazing photos that you will share with me.

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10 Fun Facts about Me

1.) I have two daughters. They are my inspiration for pretty much everything that I do.

2.) I absolutely adore babies!

3.) I am a big animal lover. I have to talk myself out of adopting new pets almost daily.

4.) I consume entirely too many cups of coffee on a daily basis.

5.) I am obsessed with wildflowers. There is something about them that just brings me so much peace.

6.) I only watch Grey’s Anatomy while I edit on my computer. Thank you Netflix!

7.) I believe in being kind. I find it to be very essential to living a healthy and happy life.

8.) I love the sound of my daughters giggling as they play together. There is no better sound in the world.

9.) I am a prime lens girl. I dread having to use a zoom lens. I would much rather zoom with my feet.

10.) If I could be a mermaid, I absolutely would.


Show me any one of your photographs that is baby related. I am so excited to see them!