BE INSPIRED Session featuring Cheyenne Rose Photography


Is this personal work or client work?

Both! This is my sister, so its personal, but it is her senior pictures so it is client work.

 Tell us about this session.  What about this session was most memorable?

This was an in home documentary session. She is a sculptor, who prefers hand building most days. She has made some pretty amazing busts. But this day she was on the wheel. I was excited to observe her because I had never seen this type of art making in person. Her studio is pretty awesome. There is a ton of natural light that comes in during the morning and made for some awesome detail shots of her hands on the clay. She had music blaring while she was working, so it was easy to get carried away in the moment. I could really feel her passion for her work, which makes my work easier.

Where there any hurdles?
I’ll be honest. I know nothing about this kind of art. I even had to ask her what she likes to be called as an artist. So, I wasn’t exactly sure what I would be capturing. Once I started observing her, her wheel became mesmerizing and her attention to it is what I decided was important in this session. Her studio also acts as a storage room. So in the beginning of the session i tried to avoid getting any of it in frame, but after a while, I realized it was just as much as part of her story as anything else. So I started to get pull back shots which, although they capture clutter, they also capture the amazing light in the room.
Give us your best photographer/session advice.
Don’t just shoot. Take your time. Think about what you are shooting: your subject, the lighting, composition, background, everything. It’s so easy to just shoot and think “I will just choose the best one later.” But if you take your time and be deliberate about your shots, culling is so much easier and you get better quality images.
What gear was used to achieve these?

Nikon d750 and Sigma 35mm Art. I’m typically a one lens shooter, especially in tight spaces. Occasionally I will get out my 50mm Nikkor. But the 35 is my baby.

About the photographer:
My name is Cheyenne. I am a family lifestyle and documentary photographer and live with my husband and two children in Central Florida. I was inspired by my children to get into photography and have been in love ever since. When I photograph clients, I try to bring the same passion behind the camera that I do when I photograph my own family.
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