Dear Photographer featuring Mae Burke Photography


Dear Mae,

You have taken your love for your babies and let it drive your creativity and hustle. You have overcome the fear of failure and embraced the exhaustion of endurance. This creative fight is not at all what you’d thought you’d surrendered to when you first started taking pictures of your oldest, but it is your new frenemy. Your creativity pushes your ego to dizzying heights, and pulls in stories that are all so uniquely shared. It manages to help you leave a living history for your children to look back on, and pay for their ballet lessons. And above all, no matter how often you forget it, it’s how you most effectively share Christ with the world. You are not your creativity, the pictures you produce, for yourself or anyone else. You can share and give bits of yourself through them, but you haven’t, can’t, shouldn’t ever let it define you – you have a gift to use, not to be enslaved by.

About the photographer:
I am a passionate wife, mother, and artist.  Using natural light in intimate environments, I capture the joy, peace, and fulfillment of motherhood that is often lost in the chaotic exhaustion of daily life through simple and emotive portraits. Sharing the beauty of Motherhood and the story my Father is writing for me allow me to fulfill my greatest purpose, to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. My work can be found in photography websites and magazines around the world and on the cell phone screen-savers of mamas all over the US.
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