Out on a Limb featuring Story and Song Photography

I love it when clients are willing to go out on a limb with me. Sometimes you’ll get a vision that you know some will say is a little out there but when you can find someone who gets it, you just know its going to be magic. This mama might have thought I was a little nuts but she sure seemed gung ho to get mostly naked and forge into freezing cold water and even game to bring her toddler out into the water too! So happy she trusted me and played along.

All of the skin and closeness is exactly what I imagined it. Earth Mama at its best! I loved how much love these 2 expressed. You can tell they have a close bond!

Dad also joined us for some sweet family memories making music and splashing in the water. I love to sit back and observe the family connection because that is when the magic happens! This is what I love to create and what fills my cup.

There weren’t many clouds in the sky so I wasn’t very hopeful for a sunset but the Colorado mountains are always happy to throw an assist my way and still make for a pretty sky! They were the perfect compliment to this beautifully round belly and some sweet, sandy toddler piggies.

I’m so thankful that I am fortunate enough to pursue my passion and am even more excited to keep heading in a direction that fulfills me even more creatively. I have a tree full of crazy limbs and I’ll be asking more and more clients to go out on them with me as I look for more and more people who get my vision, and better yet, are excited about it.

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