10 Facts with Facebook Guest Judge 9/12 – 9/18 | Roots and Twigs Photography

Hi! I’m Tori, owner/photographer at Roots and Twigs Photography in Fort Collins, Colorado. While not my first profession, photography has been my passion for decades. I launched my dream business in late 2013, during my ongoing young kids/stay at home parenting years. I work in many areas of photography, from fine art (landscapes, wildlife, macro, and botanical work) to families, kids, dance portraits, head shots, products, weddings, and other events. I primarily shoot in natural light, but have been easing my way into studio work lately, as well. I’ve been shooting Nikon SLRs and DSLRs since 1989 and my preferred digital camera du jour is a D750, with which I could hardly be happier. I have quite a few lenses, from old tanks to pretty new glass. Some faves are my 85mm 1.8, 80-200mm 2.8, and my 55mm 2.8 macro. I am honored to be this week’s Guest Judge here at the Dear Photographer Facebook page!

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10 Fun Facts About Me

  1. I live for tart cherries, habaneros, Thai food, international travel, the great outdoors, Americana/bluegrass music festivals, and Dwight Yoakam. And photography, my kids, and my husband, too, of course.
  2. I met Johnny Cash on a mountain when I was very young.
  3. I still want to join the Peace Corps.
  4. I can flat foot better than you.
  5. My dream – and actual – car is a red 1967 Mustang convertible, with a black top and interior. My other car is a bike. My other car is a Prius.
  6. A Kodak 110 film camera launched my photography journey, received at about age 8.
  7. If you know me well (or have been a client with young kids), you’ve likely been “treated” to my pterodactyl, chicken, elephant, and/or Xena The Warrior Princess calls.
  8. I’m a mountain girl who loves oceans, water, and islands, but loathes sand.
  9. I first left the states bordering my home state at age 20 and I took my first flight at 23 (solo, across the country at that). I quickly became quite the globetrotter.
  10. I fantasize about owning a 600mm lens.


I have chosen the theme {irrepressible} because my youngest child started preschool today, leaving me to navigate a whole new world of loosening my grip of this spirited, exuberant, and irrepressible fountain of love and creativity. I can’t wait to see your interpretations!