Dear Photographer | Feature by Ginger Unzueta Photography




Dear Future Self,

My prayer for you is that you will look back on these years, these years as a mother with all four children at home, and that you will smile. That you will remember the love you felt during these days. That you will know the decisions and sacrifices you made were all made with such intent and love. I pray you will remember the importance of being in the moment. The importance of saying no to things that can wait, so that you can fully live for today.  Motherhood has been such a time of learning and growing. I pray that you will see how beautifully God used this time to weave your story together.

Future self, there is no way I can predict where this photography journey will continue any more than I could have predicted five years ago where I would be today. God continues to carve this path. Seek Him first. Continue asking Him to guide the way. Future self, don’t stop capturing the beauty in these everyday moments. Never forget the why. Why you pick up your camera daily.  These images give such beautiful documentation of our days.  They hold the story of our family.

Finally, future self, I pray that these images will bring you joy and comfort after these years have passed. And that they will take you back to this unique and special time in the life of our family. I also pray that you will not linger in the past too long, but be thankful and fully live for each new day.


I am a Jesus follower, wife and homeschooling mama to four. I believe there is beauty to be found everyday. I strive to find joy in the mundane and messy days of motherhood. I seek God’s plan in all things and realize I would not be the woman I am without His undeserving love and grace. I am learning to embrace the imperfect and love seeing the beauty He creates in all things broken.

I enjoy sunshine, time by the water, alone time in the Word, seeing our children run wild and free, and simple days at home.

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