Irrepressible Top Honors & Features | Chosen by Facebook Guest Judge Roots and Twigs Photography


Cue the broken record! Judging all of your fun, {IRREPRESSIBLE} images this week was HARD. One of the best parts for me was discovering so many new, wonderful talents, several of whom are featured here. Thank you so much for inviting me here to guest judge for the first time, Dear Photographer!


Becci Ravera‎
In addition to all of his dinosaur action, I adore how he’s about to bust out laughing, mid-roar!



Lauren Webster Photography
I love her posture and the light. I equally love the glove! Why does she have it? What is she considering getting into?



Precious Moments by Mina Mimbu
Sheer, irrepressible joy and beautiful bokeh here!


Ashley Mckelvey Photography And Design
That light and his brilliant happiness are beautiful!



Cheyenne Rose Photography
Beautiful light and silhouette of great action!



Sharon Miller Photography‎
I can’t help but knowingly smile and laugh every time I see this image. It is just so relatable and fun, with great action! To top if off, I LOVE that “WAITING” title on the book beyond. There will be no waiting here! Congratulations!

2 thoughts on “Irrepressible Top Honors & Features | Chosen by Facebook Guest Judge Roots and Twigs Photography

  1. I love the life in all these images! Thank you for choosing this images for top honors! I’m tickled you noticed the book title. I considered replacing the book with one less readable but decided to leave things as they were–real life here! We were working on learning about patience that week and therefore had a few patience-related books in our library basket.

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