BE INSPIRED Session featuring Megan Fuss Photography

Is this personal work or client work ?
This is a newborn session for a client.  However, this session is special because Tiffany and I were in middle school together and have been friends for years.  Being able to photograph the milestones in my friends’ lives is amazing.
What about this session was most memorable?
Adding a new baby to a family is always such an amazing moment to be apart of, but especially when there is a sibling involved.  Emrys was so sweet with Silas, who she affectionately kept calling “baby bro”.  She kept wanting to hold him, kiss him, rub her face against his – under mom & dad’s watchful eyes of course!
Where there any hurdles?
There is always the hurdle of finding light in my client’s home.  Fortunately, their house had lots of window light and lifting my ISO a bit made for amazing pictures.
Your best photographer/session advice?
Practice shooting what you love.  I will ask people to shoot them if they inspire me – and it always pays off.  Seeing my vision and what I wanted to create to come life is the best feeling in the world.
What gear was used to achieve these?
Camera : Nikon D610
Lenses :  Nikkor 50mm 1.8 and a Sigma 35mm 1.4 Art lenses.
2016-06-24 Silas 01183 2016-06-24 Silas 01239 2016-06-24 Silas 00257 2016-06-24 Silas 00387 2016-06-24 Silas 00455 2016-06-24 Silas 00542 2016-06-24 Silas 00659 2016-06-24 Silas 00700 2016-06-24 Silas 00794 2016-06-24 Silas 00809 2016-06-24 Silas 00881 2016-06-24 Silas 00885 2016-06-24 Silas 01042 2016-06-24 Silas 01131
About the photographer:
Hi there!  My name is Megan Fuss, a lifestyle photographer based in western Massachusetts.  Over the past few years, my love of photography has grown from just a hobby into a business specializing in lifestyle/documentary photography – specifically newborns, families and seniors.  In my free time, you will find me catching a little indie concert in a local college town, grabbing a latte with friends in a cafe or scouring bookstores and libraries for new stories to sink my mind into!
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