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Dear Kyla,
You saw the images in your head, but didn’t know how to use a camera. With a bit of determination to capture what you saw, you set your camera on manual. With the birth of your first child, 6 years ago, you haven’t looked back. It took you a handful of years to really get to the art you wanted to create, and to stop trying to make what you thought others wanted to see. Little by little, you recognized that it is the heart of the image that shines through, and that you are the only one who can judge what your heart sees.

Stay true to you, remember to capture moments that represent love, life, and moments dear to you. Remember to create for yourself, remember there is always room for growth, remember that glimpses of your heart can bring back feelings for a lifetime. Never quit challenging yourself and trying something new.

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About the photographer:

Proud wife to Tyler, Blessed mama to Atticus, Sullivan and Pepper. I spend my days trying to take in their smallness, calling my sisters and mom when I’m frustrated, praying I’m better tomorrow, regretting eating too many sweets, and surprised everyday at 4pm that I still have to make dinner. I love a good wheat ale beer, entertaining in our home ( thank goodness my husband cooks) and chasing sunsets in my minivan full of kids and camera bag. When I’m not taking pictures, I’m charging my camera’s battery and making the most of these long days and short years. I love what I do , and Am truly honored that you would choose me to capture some of life’s sweetest and fleeting moments.
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