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Wow, wow, wow! I’m sure guest judging is always difficult, but you guys blew me away with your {IN THE SHADOWS} images. So instead of five featured images this week, we have SIX, plus a Top Honors winner!

It’s been so great getting to learn about some of you this week, through your comments and photos. And thank you to Dear Photographer, for asking me – Lisa at lisa kathan photography – to post some thoughts this week about my own photography and creative process!


Treelines Photography
I love the story in this image: two little lions, taking over the forest. I especially appreciate that the photographer shot them from behind. Absolutely precious!


Rose Amelia Photos
Such a beautiful faceless portrait from Rose. If you’re familiar with her work, Rose is a master at shadowy portraiture. Love the beautiful tones in this one!


Earth Angels Photography
I mentioned this week that I love a banality in art, but this one goes a step beyond with a shadowy woman in the image. This particular image was part of a larger project by the photographer, a tribute to Francesca Woodman (you can check out the collection on her timeline).


Kristin Kelley Photography
Who doesn’t love good freelensed image?! This one has beautiful light, shadow, tones, flare…all with a tinge of sadness.


My Artistic Journey
This faceless, shadowy portrait leaves so much unsaid, and yet it says so much.


Bree Friesen Photography
A great silhouetted image, with movement and beautiful rim light. The subject is even falling backwards. I’m pretty sure this wasn’t easy to capture with proper exposure, and I love that!



Precious Moments by Mina Mimbu
I gasped audibly when I saw this image. There’s so much about it I love, technically speaking: composition, exposure, the right amount of detail in the shadows and highlights. And as for emotion, I love the magical feel and story. Congratulations!

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