BE INSPIRED Session featuring Linn Marlen Photography

Is this personal work or client work ?
This was personal work. I will be taking on clients in the near future, but for now all my work is personal.
What about this session was most memorable?
My little girl decided she wanted nothing to do with pictures and just wanted to play in the dirt. When I saw her happily playing in the corner of my eye, I turned and caught a few candid images of her. I am constantly reminded to let go of my expectations and go with the flow. Often the best pictures happen this way. I love the happy little surprise of the heart.
Where there any hurdles?
My girls and I arrived at the location a little later than anticipated, which meant the light was starting to be harsh. Besides that, the girls weren’t in the best of moods on this particular morning. I realized pretty soon that those sweet sister shots that I had envisioned weren’t going to happen, so I decided to divide and conquer by splitting them up. This is pretty typical for me. I tend to have a vision of what I want to create, but it hardly ever works out that way. I’ve learned to look for the opportunities when things just aren’t going the way I want, and to go with the flow.
Your best photographer/session advice?
Shoot what you love and what stirs you, not what you think you ought to. Don’t make the mistake of comparing yourself with other photographers.  Don’t overthink it, don’t be afraid to play and never forget to enjoy the process.
 What gear was used to achieve these?
I used my Canon 6D and my canon 135mm 2.0 lens for this session.
About the photographer:
I am a self-taught lifestyle and fine art photographer located in Connecticut, where I live with my husband and 3 children.  When my children were little I was in need of a creative outlet, so I began photographing the world around me. My children naturally became my muses and I am continually inspired to capture the magic of their childhood. My photography is a blend of spontaneous moments and stories I wish to tell. I am drawn to the play between light and shadow and quiet, thoughtful moments.
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