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This is probably one of the first images I took of my children that inspired me to want to document their everyday, as well as to start working towards being a kids and family photographer. This is my youngest Jagger, who was newly 1 yrs. old. Taken in July 2013

Dear current self,
Photography is an ever evolving fluid process. Your work will always change, yet remain the same. Your style will evolve and grow and become unique to yourself. The only way for this to happen is by shooting A LOT, and making mistakes. Never compare yourself to others, just be proud of what you’ve achieved thus far.

And when you feel uninspired, because we all know that happens and will continue to happen throughout your photographic journey, keep shooting while finding inspiration through other things you truly love.


About the photographer:

Marissa Roseillier is a grad school trained family photographer living in southern California with her husband, two boys, and their furry friends coco and brioche. She is inspired to document the messy and everyday with her wild and adventurous boys, while always seeking beautiful light.

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