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I walked up to Jenny’s family farm and greeted her and her husband and children.  We gathered everyone up and headed out into the field to get some gorgeous golden hour photos of the kiddos.  We had been planning this session since Jenny found these outfits stashed away in a closet in her home.


Anyone who is, or has been, a mom to a toddler knows… sometimes things don’t go as planned.


When it became completely clear that golden hour is not Anna’s golden hour, we packed it up and called it a night.  The session was rescheduled and I drove off into the sunset.

For me, it is so important to me to be understanding of my clients and their lives.  Sure, I’m in it to make a living, but I’m also in it because I love it, because the art of photography makes me happy.  If I’m only making money, I’m not truly happy.  I have a vision, I have a mission and I need all of these things to come full circle to feel like I’ve really done what I set out to do… for myself and for my families.


We tried to schedule our session before the sun was too high over head, but in August, there isn’t really a time of day that isn’t super early, or super late, for tiny humans.  Our tiny toddler challenged me, but I accepted… and I believe the success was ours as a team.


We poured our hearts, sweat and tears into this session and we got some really great images that I am sure they will treasure for years to come… and this is what is important to me.  Any time that I am able, I will accommodate my families so that we can all walk away satisfied and happy.


You just need to know when you cut your losses.  <3


<3 always,


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