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Hi! I am Jyo (short for Jyotsna), the person behind the lens at Making beautiful memories Photography in Sacramento, California.I am an Electrical Engineer during the weekdays, a mom, wife and a part-time photographer on weekends – all in one! I  am super thrilled to be the guest judge at Dear Photographer Facebook page this week!!

My love for photography goes way back since high school and film days. I was always the one who volunteered to take pictures and videos of the family and making collages. There was something about capturing these family moments that I absolutely treasured – our vacations, picnics anything that we could print and look back at those moments sometime in the future. Photography helps me have this creative outlet while my daily job as an engineer helps me explore my technical side.

After taking a couple of photography classes in 2014/15 and a few editing classes in 2016 to enhance my skills further, I established my own photography venture in March 2016. Since then, I haven’t looked back and have many plans and goals for the upcoming year 2017. Someday, I dream of teaching the importance of photography to kids, pre-teens and especially new moms who really want to document those first moments when their baby is born. Being a Mom has helped me appreciate the everyday being of life. Documenting the beauty in the ordinary is something I have started to embrace more since the start of my photography career in 2016.

In my camera bag is a Canon 6D, a 50mm 1.8, a 50mm macro, 12-24 sigma, 75-300mm and cannot wait to get my own 35 sigma art in the next month!

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10 Fun Facts About Me 

  1. I was born in India, lived in New Zealand, Australia and now live in the US. In fact globe trotting is probably my third profession.
  2. I went to Penn State at the State college campus for grad school in Architectural engineering. Any Nittany lion fans out there?
  3. I make the yummiest tacos on a Friday night. At least that’s what my kids say. Thank you 🙂
  4. I love California and everything about it, but still miss living in the east coast. Probably for the distinct seasonal changes?
  5.  I LOVE seeing photographs in print and especially when my friends and clients show me the images I have taken for them, it makes my heart full! Digital may be the age, but I would give anything for a beautiful photo album sitting at my coffee table.
  6. I will be studying for my licensing exam to be a registered/licensed electrical engineer for the state of California by 2017. Yes, that will happen.
  7. I spend a LOT of time browsing for interesting recipes on Pinterest which I may never cook.
  8. I am traveler if you haven’t guessed yet. My husband and me picked out our next travel destination already. We each got to choose one. Any guesses?
  9. Apart from photography, I paint and draw a bit as well. I go on painting workshops whenever I find time.
  10. I used to be quite an introvert at school growing up. These days, I sometimes have to be told to stop talking.



Motherhood has been a special journey for me so far. Being a Mom inspired me to pick up my camera more often than just shooting for others to document memories of my kids. For this week, I want to see all those fabulous images depicting motherhood. Posed, unposed, documentary, self portraits all goes. I just want to see all the fabulous moms out there in the pictures! Cannot wait to see all the GORGEOUS submissions this week 🙂

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    1. Thank you Tonya 🙂 I am hoping this is a fun theme for all and especially to see all Moms IN the pictures.

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