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What an incredible week it has been here for me here at Dear Photographer. I have truly enjoyed this wonderful opportunity to be here as guest judge. There were truly so many incredible submissions for this weeks theme: {In your light I learn how to love. In your beauty, how to make poems. You dance inside my chest where no-one sees you, but sometimes I do, and that sight becomes this art.” ~ Rumi}.

Thank you again to the fabulous folks here at Dear Photographer and to all of you fabulous Photographers that took the time to submit and come along with me on this journey this week. If you have enjoyed my work please consider following me over at Pretty Pixels Photography  and  over at the photography community By He{Art}. By He{Art} is a photography community run by 6 gals who are passionate about photography.  The By He{Art} page  hosts weekly theme challenges, offers advice, critiques and support . We are here to help you grow your vision, find your voice and feed your soul. <3

Love, Jenn xo (Pretty Pixels Photography)

Needless to say you all made me work! Now without further adieu here are the FEATURED FIVE (I couldn’t narrow it down) and my TOP HONOURS selection!

Featured Five

Jill Ferguson Photography

This image of Jill’s is just gorgeous! I love how she took the quote and made it her own. It was such a beautiful interpretation of this weeks theme with the warm evening sun coming through the window pain, distorted and yet so beautifully haunting. You cannot help but be drawn in each and every time you look at this. Stunning image, Jill. 

Love, Jenn xo –Pretty Pixels Photography14463058_1448721678476242_9120289068883318633_n.jpg

Cara Hodge Photography

Cara started this weeks theme off with a bang with this stunning capture. She truly set the bar high for all images coming afterwards. I love the dark, moody edit and the little pocket of light that the child is lying in and well, his face and expression are just perfection. I love this image so much.

Love, Jenn xo –Pretty Pixels Photography


Danielle Kilgore Photography

I absolutely adore this image from Danielle. I love that even in death she finds the beauty and shares it with us. The light and bokeh are INCREDIBLE and that sad, sad, Black-Eyed Susans is glorious even at the end of days. This is just gorgeous, Danielle! It is an image that I would love up on my walls. 

Love, Jenn xo –Pretty Pixels Photography


Salty Air Creations

One word for this image…WOW! I am always enamoured with free-lensing and Kelly is a queen in my book. This image is just gorgeous and so totally dreamy. I love the rainbow flare and the soft rim lighting along the mane of the horse….just gorgeous, Kelly. <3

Love, Jenn xo –Pretty Pixels Photography



Sarah Keene Photography

I absolutely love this precious image captured by Sarah. There is an innocence and sweetness to it as the littlest lady give s a kiss to her big sister. You can see by the expressions on their faces that it is not a production but a real and genuine moment that was captured. As a mother I know this is an image that would live on in my heart and mind forever. Beautifully captured, Sarah!

<3 Love, Jenn xo –Pretty Pixels Photography



Carrine Powers – Jupiter Hue Photography

This image seriously stopped me in my tracks! WOAH! From the moment this submission popped up in the newsfeed I knew it was to be my ‘Top Selection’. It did not matter what came before or came after-  this was the one. Carrine has captured this moment so poetically. It is magic pure and simple. Each and every little detail that is happening here makes it all the more magical, from the bokeh, to the dappled light, the water droplets and the serene expression on the child’s sweet face…it’s just magical. Stunning image, Carrine! Congratulations!

<3 Love, Jenn –Pretty Pixels Photography




Thank you again, Dear Photographer for having me here this week! It was truly an experience that I will never forget. Thank you, Jenn xo – Pretty Pixels Photography

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