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Is this personal work or client work?

Client work – one of my 2016 wedding couples!

Tell us about this session.  What about this session was most memorable? 

These clients are professional (and awesome) dance instructors.  They really wanted a more ‘urban’ and ‘formal’ feel to their images, without it being TOO posey-posey and formal.  They chose the location: a goorrrrgeous rooftop venue called Center in the Square–  in the big city (Roanoke VA).  We scheduled this right around sunset &  I was thrilled for that glowy sunlight at golden hour! Center in the Square has these wonderful rooftop gardens, and it was the perfect contrast to my clients’ bright red dress and her fiance’s navy suit.  They wanted to get some ‘movement’ shots of them dancing, so I stood on a higher level of the roof as they danced below me.  It. Was. Amazing.

Were there any hurdles?

Not really, they are both super easy to work with – they took direction well and, really, I had trouble choosing which images to deliver to them, because they all looked SO good!  The only main hurdle I can think of is… we scheduled this in June, and weather out here in Virginia is quite fickle in the summer, so we had to reschedule a couple of times due to storms blowing in.

Give us your best photographer/session advice.

Have fun, don’t stress.  I keep a small gallery of images on my Iphone that I look over during sessions if I run into a posing ‘blank’.   Get your couples to talk; “what was the most memorable thing about your first date?” — “Who snores the loudest?” — “At what moment in your relationship did it hit you and you KNEW, I mean REALLY knew, that he/she was the one?” — etc.  These questions always produce some of the cutest smiles and most sincere photos.

What gear was used to achieve these?

Canon 5dMark iii / Canon 85 1.8 / Sigma Art 35 1.4

MeghannChapmanPhotography-engagement9 MeghannChapmanPhotography-engagement15 MeghannChapmanPhotography-engagement14 MeghannChapmanPhotography-engagement17 MeghannChapmanPhotography-engagement16 MeghannChapmanPhotography-engagement10 MeghannChapmanPhotography-engagement7 MeghannChapmanPhotography-engagement6 MeghannChapmanPhotography-engagement3 MeghannChapmanPhotography-engagement4 MeghannChapmanPhotography-engagement5 MeghannChapmanPhotography-engagement13 MeghannChapmanPhotography-engagement8 MeghannChapmanPhotography-engagement11 MeghannChapmanPhotography-engagement1

About the photographer:

Meghann Chapman is a professional photographer from Southwest Virginia, who specializes in emotional portraiture for couples in love, families and newborns.  When she’s not behind the camera, you can find her: mothering her 5 wonderful children, crushin’ on her handsome husband, stirring up a fancy, hipster-ish cocktail in the kitchen, chasing chickens, dyeing her hair in strange colors– and trying hard not to become a crazy cat lady.

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