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This has been an amazing week for me at Dear Photographer. I have absolutely enjoyed this week being the guest judge and looking at all the incredible submissions that came through for the theme {MOTHERHOOD}.

Thank you again to everyone who took time and submitted for this week’s theme. The talent in this community is beyond amazing and every submission was so fitting and meaningful. I also hope you enjoyed some my work and discussions to go along with it. You can follow me and stay in touch at my Facebook page here Making beautiful memories Photography.


This image reminds me of how my mind is racing to do a million things at the same time, if you are like me.. I might be sick one day and resting, but my mind would be thinking about laundry, clothes that need to be folded, my cup of morning coffee and my two minute break if the kids aren’t in the house and…ahh the TV remote to catch up on some Netflix – LOVE this image!

Thank you for sharing this very realistic representation of motherhood Katy Vetter Photography!



Cannot get enough of this! So beautiful and so real  While the kids are in a line busy enjoying their drinks, mom is taking care of her youngest. That little cutie at the end has a perfect content smile on as well  Such an awesome image by Rubylee Photography!



Oh my….what a beautiful representation of what motherhood is truly all about! When I saw this image, I loved the connection, the emotions, the black and white conversion – in love with everything about this image.

Thank you for sharing this moment and this lovely image with us Rural Life Photography!



This image is so raw and powerful in my opinion. I can see myself in there while my 4 year old toddler hugging me asking for something, wanting to be breastfed or the need to be listened to and I am positive every mother can relate to this. Thank you for sharing this image with us Wilhelmina Photography


This series of self portraits from Becci Ravera Photography blew me away! Photography indeed can be a therapy for some. For those who have done self-portraits before probably also understand how difficult it is to come in front of the camera and express your own emotions through images. This is amazing and powerful from Becci Ravera Photography and a beautiful representation of motherhood and to add especially the last image – touched my heart!



And the winner for this week’s theme {MOTHERHOOD} is from – Virginia Simons Photography

This image speaks to me. The emotional connection between these two, the way the little girl is looking at her mom, the semi-silhouette – This is just perfection! Thank you Virginia Simons Photography for sharing this amazing image with us!




I had an amazing time this week at Dear Photographer. Please stay in touch! – Thank you, Jyo

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