BE INSPIRED Session featuring Elise Meader Photography

Is this personal work or client work?
This is client work!
What about this session was most memorable?
This session was with a sweet family who just recently moved here from California. I was so floored when she emailed me saying she found my work online and wanted to book a session with me. She told me she loved the lifestyle feel, and I instantly knew this was a client who chose me for ME, which is always the best kind of client.
When I arrived I was greeted by a beautiful mama and her husband, a sleeping newborn and two amazing little girls.
The apartment was filled with light and my favorite… they were wearing NEUTRALS! haha, I know… sounds like a funny thing to deem your “favorite”, but I can’t express how much of an impact neutral colors make on an indoor lifestyle session like this. They were so natural, they listened and cooperated when I told them they need not look at me during our session, they can just look at their baby, talk, cuddle and be in the moment. I truly believe that is why these photos came out looking so authentic. It was all them. They did natural perfectly.
Where there any hurdles?
The girls were so amazing with their baby brother and other than the space being a little tight, there weren’t any hurdles. The mother set everything up perfectly, the apartment was warm, the baby had just eaten before my arrival, and she had swaddle and white onesies out ready to go.
Your best photographer/session advice?
My best advice for photographing clients would be to make them feel comfortable. Give them as much heads up as you can prior to the session, letting them know what makes the session flow nicely so they are prepared, and then let them take the reigns. This allows them to relax, feel comfortable and confident in the session and open up on more of a personal level. I try never to take myself too seriously, and in turn, they loosen up and feel at ease in front of the camera.
What gear was used to achieve these?
I used my Nikon D750, my sigma 35 ART and my sigma 24 ART.
About the photographer:
Elise is a natural light photographer specializing in lifestyle newborn, family, couples and maternity.
She also runs a wedding business with her partner, Sarah Driscoll, and together they are Root & Bud Weddings.
She is a mother of two boys, Grant and Dean, a wife of a Navy SEAL Veteran, a patriot through and through.
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