Dear Photographer featuring Monica Hart Photography

Hey 1999 Monica,
So you want to be an artist? You think photography is going to help you express all those crazy feelings you have swirling around inside you? Let me tell you a thing or two about what you’re in for. This will be a journey riddled with self-doubt and anxiety. You are going to somehow lose your artistic voice along the way. Your heart will break a few times and you’ll feel like ripping it out. Throwing in the towel will sound like a good option and you do that for a little while. But little by little you will start to find it again, that little spark you thought you lost. It will ignite again! A fire will burn in you and you’ll come full circle back to the reason you embarked on this journey in the first place. Don’t get me wrong there is still plenty of self -doubt and anxiety but now its just more fuel for your fire.
Do you still want to embark on this crazy ride? Pretty sure I know the answer.
Much Love,
2016 Monica
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About the photographer:

I am passionate about finding the splendor in the seemingly mundane details of everyday life and I love to document my girls in a beautiful yet honest way. Beautiful light and shadows make my heart flutter.

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