The Masks We Wear Top Honor and Features | Chosen by Facebook Guest Judge Di Main Photography


Time flies when you are having fun. I enjoyed being here with all of you this last week as your guest host and judge. There was some really creative and outstanding submissions for the theme of { The Masks We Wear }. I was hoping it would get all of you in the spirit of the season and inspire you to create. You really delivered and now I would like to present the Top Honors and Featured Artists.



Congratulations to Sharon Covert Photography for the Top Honors image this week. This image truly embodies the meaning of the theme. The woman behind a literal mask but the way the arms show movement, it leaves you wondering if she putting on or taking off the mask. Having the movement behind what looks like a veil gives the feeling of being trapped. This is truly a piece of art that keeps me looking at it over and over again.

And in no particular order the five featured images for this week-


Ashley Marston Photography

I love everything about this lifestyle  image. The light is beautiful. The colors and tones are perfect. The imagination and creativity of childhood are captured flawlessly.



Cara Hodge Photography

This is such a great interpretation of the theme and the conversion really adds to the dramatic effect. We don’t always need an actual mask to hide behind. The masks we wear can be an element of our daily lives, and in this photo it is represented by the water.


Reflections of Life

Lifestyle & Documentary style photography is what truly captures my heart and this image really draws me in. There is so much about this that makes me want to know more about the story.


Vicki Winston Photography

The movement and conversion of this photo is fantastic. The use of grain adds to the artistic quality. I keep coming back to it wondering what type of mask she might be wearing ?!


Danielle Kilgore Photography

These two littles are so serious about their masks and it’s adorable. I would have loved to be there and listen to the conversation they might be having about their adventures or what characters they are pretending to be.

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