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Yup, it’s that time of year again. I know it’s only Halloween and I can’t stand the early holiday talk anymore than you, BUT as a photographer I have to start the conversation. I know many photographers are in the throws of mini sessions galore this time of year. There are gorgeous set ups of beds with white linens and beautiful settee’s in a field with a Christmas tree. The time is set for warm back lite images that just make you want to swoon. You gather up the perfect matching, but not too matching outfits for the entire family. Bows for the girls hair and bow ties for the boys. You rush your family out the door, probably after some choice words with your husband if you are like me and my family, to get to the location and find that your son has used his shirt sleeve as a snot rag and your daughter through the bow out of the car door before you left the house. You sit on the couch, try to play with your kids to make them happy and giggle, tell your husband no matter what don’t stop smiling and in 20 mins it is all over. Your fabulous photographer, got beautiful images of you and your children to send to friends and family, and you are thrilled that the excursion known as family pictures is finally over so you can take off your spanx and have a beer (or maybe that’s just me minus the spanx).

What if I told you there is another way? “What” you say, how can that be?  What if I said you could have a relaxed session, where you could just be you? Your kids could just play like they normally do, in the comfort of your own home, no fights with the kids and husband over what they are wearing, no rush, no stress…… It’s really possible.

Have you ever thought of telling a story with the picture you send to friends and family for your holiday card? Something that represents your life at this moment in time. Do you remember when we actually wrote in our cards? We often would write a little story about the highlights of our year, where the kids where in school, what their favorite activities were.

This is one of my favorite clients Christmas card pictures last year. Her one year old daughter had just learned to float on her back and the majority of her family lives up north. She wanted to show how they spent every afternoon in the pool because her daughter was obsessed and to brag a little that they were swimming here in sunny Florida in the end of October. This was their life at that point in time.


This would be a perfect holiday card image as well. It shows how their 9 year old boy spends so much time building lego sets and their daughter totally runs the show. This is their real life


This is my holiday card from last year. While it’s not a true documentary photography since I staged it and took it with a remote, it totally tells the story of my life at that stage (and still at this stage). My son jumping on the couch with his pants on backwards, my husband who is always so thrilled when I break out the tripod and even more happy that my son is jumping on the couch, my daughter who had just woke up from a nap and was not happy about it and me…… This to me is real life and while those pictures in the field are absolutely gorgeous, are they real life? Do they preserve the memories of where your life is right now to share with your friends and family. Sometimes it’s ok to have more than just a pretty picture.


So this year think about seeking out a documentary photographer for you family photos. Have them take pictures in your home of your crazy bedtime routine where your 3 yr old runs through the house screaming in nothing but a shark towel after a bath and your 5 year old is jumping on the bed in their pjs. What about showing your friends how every sunday morning you make breakfast with the whole family, or lay about in the living room playing chutes and ladders. Maybe every October the family goes to pick out the biggest pumpkins to paint and decorate or start your holiday decorating in  November.

Just food for thought on a different, less stress way to do holiday cards.

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