BE INSPIRED Session featuring Becci Ravera Photography


Is this personal work or client work?

This adorable session was technically client work but as with many of the families that I work with if they aren’t already friends they quickly become friends. So, I almost always consider my sessions to be a little bit of personal work mixed with a little bit of client work.

 What about this session was most memorable?

The there is one thing that feeds my soul with this little photography passion of mine and it is seeing the connection between people. I look for it in everything I do. I will forfeit perfect lighting and background for connection and emotion. So as with all of my sessions that was my favorite part of this session. Watching the way this adorable family love each other meant everything to me.

Were there any hurdles?

Anytime you are working with young children there will be hurdles. Kids don’t understand how important these images are to mom and dad. Plus, I tend to hold my summer session right at or after bed time so that adds another element. Honestly though, that is what I love. I want the organic moments between a family even if those organic moments include adorable grumpy faces. One thing to keep in mind when you feel like you are struggling with an unhappy little one is that they are easily distracted and their emotions can easily be reset as long as you are willing to get down to their level and play. For this session, that adorable little girl got a little fussy from the start so I sat the parents down in good light and told the kids to stand next to me and run and hug their parents. They couldn’t wait and what followed was a bunch of honest moments of movement, laughter, and fun. Remember that you control the session even when it seems out of control. Just take a step back, take a breath, and try a different strategy until you find what works.

Tell us your best photographer/session advice.

Through this little photography journey of mine I have found few pieces of advice to be the most powerful.

  1. Learn light- for me this part of the journey is always evolving and growing. I continually try to push my boundaries with light often I fail but when I nail it, it’s magical! Learning to see light differently has changed everything for me. At your sessions always look for light first. If you can set them up in good light and just let them be themselves you will find that you can create some truly spectacular images.
  2. Remember that your subjects feed off of you. If you are uncertain or nervous they will be too. I always try to go into my session prepared. I jot down quick notes on poses or ideas that I want to remember. I try to get to the location about 30 mins early to confirm exactly what light and backgrounds I want to use. If you are still learning your session flow start following photographers who’s images you love and study how they do things. Where is the light they are using? How are their subjects posed or unposed? Don’t copy them simply learn from them and then implement your style.
  3. If I can leave you only one piece of advice this would be it… Be yourself! Your passion for photography means that you have something special to share. Shoot what you love, learn that there are never mistakes only chances to learn and grow, keep trusting yourself and pushing yourself even when you aren’t sure if you can, I promise you that you can. And the sooner you learn that the only acceptance that you need is your own the easier this journey will be.

What gear was used to achieve these?

I am a canon girl and I am a huge fan of the 6D. I learned on that camera so I love it. This session I relied most on my Sigma Art 35 1.4 (a favorite of mine) and my Canon 70-200L. I usually only rely on natural light and will climb on and over just about anything to get the light I want.


About the photographer:

I am a Cali girl currently living and exploring the beauty of Northern CA with my best friend of the last 15 years and our 2 little monkeys (J is 4 & D is 2). You will rarely find me without my camera in hand because I am mildly obsessed (ok – totally obsessed) with capturing the beauty of the everyday moments in a fun and creative way. As a boymom, I have learned to embrace the messiness and just try to enjoy the beautiful chaos that fills my days.

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