Home Is Where Your Heart Is featuring Always Matilda Photography


Walking into a client’s home and documenting their family makes me SO nervous.  To me, a home is a sacred space, it is where a family should feel safe and comfortable and protected.  When families allow me to come into that space and document the every day of their lives, it’s like inviting me into their family, and I take that responsibility heavily.


The moments that I capture are the moments that I know I wouldn’t want to forget.  Something simple like my kids’ first room, or their big kid bed, or the way their hair shines in the sun.


I like to pull kids away and just let them do their thing, I want to see their authentic personalities in the photos.


Following the kids around also helps get honesty from them.  Rather than directing and posing, allowing them to lead the way makes my images feel organic and I thrive on that.


Of course, I always like to include images of the entire family, with everyone looking and smiling, but I much prefer the breath of fresh air in between those images.


authentic • organic • honest
what more could I ask for?  Home is, after all, where our story begins.


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