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Hello Photographer-babes!

I am Sarah Vorva, photographer of Wanderlust Exposures. I am located in Edmond, Oklahoma and have been shooting all my life, but professionally since 2014. My specialties include Birth, Weddings, Children and Day in the Life Sessions.

What’s in my bag you ask? Well, I have my Nikon D750, 85mm 1.8, 35mm 1.4 ART and 105mm Macro that plus more fits into my lovely House of Flynn bag! I am ecstatic about being a guest judge over on Dear Photographer Facebook page.

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10 Fun Facts About Me

  •  I have 2 kitties who are named after the D.C Comic, Catwoman (Selena and Isis)
  •  I love Mermaids and Pineapples
  •  I can seriously kick some butt at Mario Kart
  •  I met one of my best photography friends during her birth session
  •  I am a free spirit at heart
  •  Wherever I go, I see a place I want to shoot a session.
  •  I will be a Licensed Professional Counselor in a few more months
  •  I lived in Hawaii for a year and it was the best experience. I mean seriously, you should go visit.. Save that money!
  •  I love designing gallery walls and products for my clients
  • I have a secret passion of shooting video and film



This week’s theme is “Americana” because no matter who wins the election, we still remain as ONE in the land of the free, because of the brave.

This image is special to me because it was the last homecoming shoot I captured in Hawaii and received 13th place in the Passion Portrait category of the Shoot & Share contest.

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