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One of my first photography session December 2015.

Dear Jenna circa 2005,

It’s me. I mean you – just 11 years older and I would like to say somewhat wiser (hopefully). You’re going to go through some mighty ups and downs in the next decade but you marry the most loving, hard working, honest man and you are now a mother to a gorgeous little girl.

On top of this, you’ve mustered the courage to start your own business. You’re a photographer. You’re going to struggle tirelessly with self doubt and worthlessness. It still hasn’t gone away but everyday you’re surrounded by encouraging and supportive people. You’re only going to wish took the plunge sooner!

For now, enjoy being a fifteen year old and maybe stick at the photography class…

Jen X



About the photographer:

My name is Jen + I’m a lifestyle photographer.

I am based in a country town in NSW alongside my dashing husband and our trail-blazing daughter. Naturally a lover of open space, a good cuppa, sunny days, fun and my nearest + dearest.

I found after becoming a mother it gave me a clean slate to start something new which would fit in with us as a family rather than the opposite. So the business name Little Photo Co was registered and as they say ‘the rest is history’. Not only have I always had a love for photographs but also the art of documenting memories so that we are able to revisit them at any given time. For me that is what a photograph should capture and I strive to create memories that will be with families forever.

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